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Don't Believe Anything You Read!

The old adage about not believing "everything" you read has been replaced in the new media world where the news cycle is short and lies spread like wildfire

While preparing my TED talk on Truth, a convo came up about what to call fake news. Most of it is a "Capital L Lie" because it's deliberate and meant to create division, dissension and confusion. Gaslighting was another term.

Once upon a time, we had trusted news sources. People and networks we could depend on to present us with a mostly unbiased report of where the world stood. Reporters did their best to dig up the facts, provide us with quotes in context, show us edited but not doctored video clips of events we couldn't see for ourselves, and the networks would package that all up into 30 or 60 minutes of tv called the evening news.

All that has changed.

Today, the news (if you want to call it that) is delivered on Facebook. Facebook! are you kidding me? And it comes to us on Twitter, which is even worse. Along with dozens of other platforms that claim to be news outlets but are really just propaganda machines. It doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a democrat.

There's fake news and highly slanted coverage coming from both sides of the aisle because anyone with a cell phone and an internet connection can put together a "report" and upload to a channel somewhere. THERE ARE NO FILTERS! There's no team of editors, fact-checkers or FCC standards for the World Wide Web where every fool can make a video and record a podcast.

So here's my Capital T Truth: Unless you're getting your information DIRECTLY from one of these trusted sources - don't believe until you've read it with your own eyes.

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