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Get Your Head Out of The (Polluted) Clouds

Ask your kids: If you don't think saving the planet and climate change are big're out of the loop.

Students protest for climate action
The climate crisis, health, and security are one issue.

Talking to my friends about politics, global warming is low on their list of imperatives. Their opinions: Saving the planet is going to be important but I’ve got more important things to worry about or you don’t really think it’s a real problem, do you?

Yes, my friends, I really think it’s a problem we have to consider right now! And the future of our planet – our children – are way ahead of us on the subject.

There’s a major lawsuit going on right now, Juliana v. United States, 21 plaintiffs between the ages of 11- and 22-years-old, are suing the federal government to protect the planet that they’ll have to live on when they turn 50 like some of today’s boomers.

Think that’s crazy? A major report from the International Panel On Climate Change (convened by the United Nations), predicts we could see major changes to the planet and damaging consequences by 2040. My grandchildren will just be turning 30. Oh, and there’s the 99% of all scientists who agree. But you can believe the 1% if you want to.

As for me, I’m voting for every representative who favors any or all of the Green New Deal. My focus group of 4 – my kids and their spouses – along with their friends who vote, are making it a top 3 issue along with Choice and healthcare.

Take a deep breath because it’s going to be the issue of our lives. Take a breath before you can't.

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