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I Bought An EV and So Will You

Electric Vehicles are fun to drive, cost-efficient, and they don't pollute.

What you don't know is how easy it is to plug it in and juice it up!

Kia Niro
I got mine in steel grey with blue accents. Electric blue!

It's a little pocket-rocket with all kinds of hi-tech touches and room for 4 adults, or 2+2 kids, or camping gear and a dog. Plus - is doesn't stink up the air and there are more charging stations popping up every day!

I just bought a battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV). Sometime soon, you’ll buy one too and for two good reasons. The first most important reason I selected this car in particular is because it’s a great car and it’s exactly what I need. The second and equally important reason I chose this full-on EV model is because there’s no reason not to anymore.

Let’s start with this: You’re buying a car because you need something to get around. Whether you need it for work or commuting to the office, getting the kids to school, hauling your groceries and laundry, or any one of a hundred million reasons – first and foremost it’s about purchasing a car.

The Kia Niro I bought is based on their wildly successful small SUV concept that’s been around for years and has won Car of the Year awards as the Hyundai Kona. These guys know how to make cars and the Niro is no exception. Plus, it’s worth noting that Kia has re-engineered this model from the ground up as a BEV. Big enough for 4 adults to make a long trip in comfort, the car still has room enough to stow tons of stuff in the back. Or fold down the seats and take a long vacation for 2 and a dog. My car also has all the creature comforts, electronic controls, adjustable everything, and sleek styling too. It’s just a great daily driver.

Now for the bonus round. This next-gen BEV is a blast to drive while feeling good about yourself. I don’t feel guilty about hopping in the car because I know I’m not spewing toxic fumes in the air every second the engine is running. No CO2 when I’m idling at a light, or driving in stop-and-go traffic, or when I’m cruising the interstate at 80 miles per hour. The car’s not only quick since you’re getting instant acceleration and torque at any speed, but if you floor it in sport-mode, you’ll enjoy the speed of a big internal combustion engine (ICE) without spewing tailpipe emissions. Regenerative braking saves even more energy.

We’ve reached the tipping point for electric cars. They’re fast and fun. They’ve got a real range of nearly 300 miles in normal driving. There are charging stations (some of the free of charge) all over the country.

Within the next 2-3 years, your favorite brand of carmaker will be delivering at least one and probably several BEV styles for you to choose from.

You can have your cake and eat it too. Get a car you need and a car you'll love while doing the right thing for the planet. Why wouldn’t you?

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