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Investor & Sales Pitches

"The data don't do it." Before you can win the sale or or close the deal with an investor or VC, you've got to tell a story, make it real, and incentivize people to act.  

Online & Social Media

There's a special challenge to a presenting a successful webinar or conducting an online meeting. It's not a simple as meeting over lunch but it's just as important.

TED & Conference

You'll need more than a slide deck to hold sway over an audience of strangers in-person or online. Public speaking skills have never been more important and less practiced.


& Articles

Presentations, pitches, and public speaking in every forum and on any platform are a blend of skill and science with a little bit of performance art thrown in.

See some $Billion-Dollar Decks

Learn more about what goes into a great speech and how you can win over your audience.