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Join our Virtual Pitch Practice sessions without leaving your home, your office, or your bedroom!
Our panel of experts in marketing, fundraising, law, and entrepreneurship
- along with a nationwide audience on the internet -  
will help you perfect your presentation in a fun,
fast-paced format that's helpful and educational. 

Monday 11am

Elevator Pitches

Wednesday 11a

Elevator Pitches

Friday 11a


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Meet the people who can network you, connect you, 

teach you and tell you what it takes to grow a successful enterprise.

Our panelists and your audience will be people from around the country

working in accelerators, venture capital funds, incubators, marketing, finance... 

Pique their interest, get their feedback, find new partners. 

Acumen. Data. Value. Inspiration.Collaboration. Experience.

Panelists and Partners include:

Expert Panel

Each session will feature executives and mentors with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, finance, law, or marketing to help improve your pitch.

Instant Feedback

You'll get the panel's advice and a crowd-sourced response from viewers online. Yea or nay...you'll know right away, in real time.

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